Kart Kleen

Kart Kleen has created a first-to-market technology that provides an efficient method of sanitizing personal protective equipment, bookbags, electronic devices, and other objects people touch daily. The Kart Kleen solution is safe for the environment and consumers, containing no harmful chemicals. Kart Kleen is a Montana Owned and operated company based in Missoula.

Kart Kleen utilizes 5x the strength required to kill all bacteria or viruses without the risk of chemical applications. We are safe, effective, and ready to keep your company ahead of the curve on health and safety measures. Designed not only to reduce human exposure to diseases, but also to offer on-demand cleaning treatment for any organization. Kart Kleen is an effective long-term solution to keep our communities safe for years to come.Kart Kleen products harness UVC lights to deactivate the physical structure of DNA and RNA genomes of bacteria, viruses, and molds that are present on objects and surfaces we encounter during our daily routines.

The Kart Kleen products consist of 4 different models; The Entrance Unit, The PPE Unit, The Cart/Medical Bed Unit, and The Incident Response Bag. Our products have a variety of different applications, and are tested and proven by Kart Kleen’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. William Holben. Kart Kleen is committed to providing a safe and efficient method of disinfection to protect our great State of Montana.