The Wendt Agency

Wendt is a passionate, full service marketing, advertising, and public relations firm headquartered in Great Falls, Montana. We operate with an unwavering commitment to build meaningful brand stories for our clients that make people feel, connect, and act.  Wendt team members dig deep to unearth the authenticity of a brand, then mold that into compelling messaging with stunning creative, then share it with the world in immersive, relevant, and strategic ways. We can do this simply because we are a team of talented specialists – gifted humans that have chosen to share their particular specialties with Wendt and our clients. We hire only the best – people who bring passionate perspectives. We let them do what drives them. And, in turn, that drives success for our clients. Established in 1929, The Wendt Agency is fueled by a passion to be innovative in everything we do. Being the leader in our industry has always been a priority for the employee owners of Wendt. We are stand-up proud of our deep history as one of Montana’s longest standing businesses. Not everyone can lay claim to making it through the Great Depression, numerous recessions, and the rapid technological advances in the last century. But, it’s not in our nature to kick back and ride on the coattails of our history. Today we stand as strong as ever. We are Trendsetters. Innovators. History Makers. It’s in our DNA and it’s what has made us successful throughout time – the drive to advance, push, and evolve.