Our mission is to deploy innovative technologies and best techniques to deliver accurate, human factored content to workers in any format, on any device enabling each worker to perform flawlessly and safely every time.

We do this using SmartProcedures (c)TM, creating connected employees who work in a safer, efficient enviornment.

Better. Faster. Safer. Smarter.

SmartProcedures is an all-in-one specialized procedure system improving all phases of the procedure lifecycle focusing on humanizing procedures for maximum worker safety and performance.

SmartProcedures manages the entire procedure lifecycle. Powerful capabilities ensure high quality, usable procedures. ATR's advanced technologies ensure lower total cost of ownership and sustainability.

Feb 06, 2024
Full time
$90,000 - $95,000 yearly
ATR Inc Hybrid (Hamilton, MT, USA)
Preference:  Onsite, Hamilton, Montana Remote Work Options May be Available. Fast growing software and services company located in Hamilton, Montana is looking for an experienced and innovative individual with marketing passion to aggressively posture and contribute to the high-growth opportunities. This role is responsible for successfully branding the company and managing the early stages of the buying cycle – from engagement and early education, through qualified lead. The contact pool can be the result of net new contacts or existing contacts – either way, your responsibility is to guide them through these important phases, engaging them via conventional and online channels (website, search, third-party programs, social media). Works with go-to-market sales teams to understand the business objectives and translate that into marketing goals with an action plan. The manager will be responsible for briefing the supporting work teams on the...