The MSU TechLink Center is an integral part of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. TechLink was established in 1996 to help technology companies in Montana and the surrounding states develop productive technology partnerships with the nation’s ten NASA centers.  In 1999, it became the Department of Defense’s first national partnership intermediary, helping companies nationwide to license DoD inventions for conversion into new products and services.

Jun 04, 2024
Full time
$115,000 - $125,000 yearly
TechLink Bozeman, MT, USA
Techlink currently brokers or facilitates approximately 85 percent of DoD’s annual license agreements with industry and the majority of VA’s license agreements. These license agreements enable companies to develop, manufacture, and sell new products and services using DoD and VA inventions. In addition, Techlink helps establish CRADAs between DoDand VA laboratories and companies for the joint development of innovative technology. This position will support the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and Montana State University technology transfer programs by facilitating license agreements to DoD, MSU, and VA-owned intellectual property and by helping to establish cooperative R&D agreements (CRADAs) between DoD and VA research laboratories and industry partners. Duties/Responsibilities: Work closely with other Techlink staff to achieve technology transfer successes for the sponsoring organizations, particularly DoD and VA,...