3D Modeling Software Engineer - Stevensville, MT

  • Skyfish
  • Stevensville, MT, USA
  • Sep 13, 2021
Full time Computer Science Engineering

Job Description

Job Description:

As a Skyfish Software Engineer (5-10 years experience) you will be a leader working with a team of professionals to develop world class software for 3d Modeling and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).

Skills should include experience with 3d modeling libraries (e.g. Babylon.js, Three.js) designing systems (UML), coding, testing and deploying software. Language proficiencies should include JavaScript, C, C#, C++, and Java. On any given day you may be diagnosing our existing system, designing new modules, and planning the next generation of software.  You will be the lead engineer of an experienced team. Some of your key teammates will be working remotely. Experience with software engineering IDEs and code management is required. Expert level experience with Javascript is a plus.  Software projects include writing widgets to manually identify 3d objects in a reality model, exporting data in into CAD programs, writing machine learning modules to aid with identification of objects, and managing the web based code and AWS code.

Management experience is a must, but you need to have recent coding experience as well because the job is very hands-on.

Experience: Computer Science Degree from accredited school with 5-10 years experience. Please send resume and references. Background check required prior to any employment. We will allow exceptional candidates work remotely.