Electronics Hardware Design Engineer - Bozeman, MT

  • AED
  • Bozeman, MT, USA
  • Jun 17, 2022
Full time Design Engineering Software Software Development

Job Description

• Five years of experience designing digital, analog, and power circuits.
• Advanced level of understanding and use of schematics.
• Evaluate designs and recommend changes to improve design reliability, cost, etc.
• Able to use LTSpice or similar simulation tool to simulate basic sub-circuits
• Able to perform efficient design and layout of simple and complex PCBs.
• Ensure proper design techniques for power requirements
• Support integration with mechanical designs.
• Provide oversight for building schematic Symbols, Footprints, attaching mechanical Models to ensure
high accuracy.
• Able to set up and manage advanced projects through to completion, usually involving multiple SOC
type devices.
• Familiarity with revision control systems and build systems.
• Able to select components for prototype assembly as needed.
• Able to manage a Bill of Materials, selecting and making recommendations for alternate component
• Proficient in the use of Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Logic Analyzers, and other Engineering
Instruments. Able to collect data and analyze the results.
• Assists in HW validation where firmware coordination is required.
• Able to navigate documentation systems and ensure technically accurate and concise content is
• Reviews releases for small projects.
• Collaborate with team members to develop consistent and quality project documentation. This
includes revision documentation.
• Responsible for understanding and capturing customer requirements and using these to guide design
• Review validation procedures and results in order to sign off on specification compliance or initiate
necessary changes if unable to sign off as originally specified.
Altium Designer experience and expertise.
• HDI, flex PCB techniques. RF Design and if tools allow EMC analysis and/or power analysis.
• Lead mechanical coordination with the customer.
• Solidworks or other mechanical CAD programs
• Interfaces with other engineers and clients to coordinate specifications & design.
• Able to provide mentoring to junior HW Engineers.
• FW experience
• Can coordinate engineering efforts or supervise a project team of engineers and technicians.
A fully competent engineer and subject matter expert of the functional areas of assignments. Bachelor’s
degree and five or more years of applicable experience with the following:
• Able to plan and conduct work requiring judgment in the evaluation, selection, and adaptation of
standard techniques, procedures, and criteria. Devises new approaches to problems.
• Applies diversified knowledge of engineering principles and practices in broad areas of assignments.
Demonstrated initiative and innovation in the use of advanced techniques and the modification and
extension of theories, precepts, and practices of own field and related sciences or disciplines.
• Requires professional experience to assure competence as a professional. Independently performs
assignments with instructions as to the general results expected. Able to plan and develop engineering
projects with unique or controversial problems and supervise a project team of engineers and
technicians on assigned work.
• Technical responsibility for developing and interpreting specifications, organizing, executing, and
coordinating assignments. Involves exploration of subject area, definition of scope and selection of
problems for investigation, and developing novel concepts and approaches to guarantee the successful
completion of projects.
• This position will report to the HW Department Lead; however, as a senior engineer, the ability to
plan, organize, and supervise the work of a staff of engineers and technicians is strongly preferred.
• Candidates must be able to pass a comprehensive background check due to the nature of AED’s
projects and clients.