Strategic Account Manager - Bozeman, MT

  • Zoot Enterprises
  • Bozeman, MT, USA
  • Sep 12, 2022
Full time Account Management Business Development Consultant

Job Description

Zoot Enterprises, Inc. is looking for an energetic and driven individual for our Strategic Account Manager, Solution Consultant (SAM/SC) role. This position leads and supports management of existing client accounts and revenue generation through pursuit of growth within existing accounts and subject matter expertise for new logo pursuits with an eye towards becoming a “trusted advisor”.  Must possess an understanding of our clients businesses, the industry and industry trends, a working understanding of client platforms and Zoot Solutions, and a working knowledge of client contracts.

The Sales Group at Zoot is responsible for acquiring new customers, managing existing client relationships and ensuring that revenue, client satisfaction, and client retention targets are achieved.
This position will be located in either our Bozeman or Billings, Montana, office.  No remote work.
Essential Job Functions
  • Execute the defined Zoot sales process utilizing internal/external training and professional experience.
  • Attain targeted revenue and client satisfaction and profitability goals.
  • Complete all required sales documentation in
  • Support and develop prospecting/outreach strategies for assigned accounts.
  • Create, maintain, and execute strategic account plans for all assigned clients.
  • Lead discussions with clients and prospects using business value/capability focused conversations
  • Develop pursuit strategies and lead sales efforts on opportunities in assigned accounts.
  • Develop business value based discussion points and develop ROI analysis for assigned accounts.
  • Schedule, coordinate, develop content/materials and lead conversations with business and technical audiences ranging from end users to Senior Executives.
  • Participate in new client pursuits in the role of Solution Consultant.
  • Coordinate and schedule discovery sessions and support the development of solution concepts and demonstration materials verifying the needs of the client/prospect using open ended question formats working in prospect pursuits
  • Coordinate and lead preparation and demonstration to prospects using demo guides in conjunction with WebRules Builder experts aligning with business value/capabilities in conjunction with overall pursuit team.
  • Lead efforts on pricing model development, identifying all pricing components and packages for proposals to assigned accounts.
  • Lead proposal development efforts including, developing content as well as reviewing all content generated by subject matter experts to ensure business value messaging.
  • Involve Zoot executives in opportunity pursuits and account management activities.
  • Generate all documents for proposal review process, develop business recommendations and lead proposal review discussions with Zoot executives within assigned accounts
  • Generate contracting documentation and support contracting efforts.
  • Participate in account transition documentation and support conversion processes to ensure proper information sharing from the sales process into Zoot delivery.
  • Maintain working knowledge of Zoot solutions and capabilities with particular emphasis on the value proposition of each in the context of assigned account and prospect business models, current industry trends, market conditions, compliance issues, and financial regulations.
  • Provide feedback to Marketing team on current needs in the market.
  • Develop campaigns in conjunction with Marketing to support growth plans within assigned accounts
  • Maintain working knowledge of competitors and their offerings.
  • Ensure invoices are paid within 60 days.
  • Participate in appropriate industry associations and conferences.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relations with a wide variety of individuals, both internal and external to the organization by facilitating data driven, positive, pro-active, professional and productive communications.
  • Serve as client advocate; participate and assist Marketing with satisfaction survey development, processing, procedures, follow-up activities, and distribution; facilitate client recognition activities/
  • Participate in all required training course work.
  • Lead (with Delivery counterparts) account level financial profitability reviews.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Zoot administrative policies, including but not limited to accurate and timely reporting of expenses and timesheets, travel policies and demonstrate financial stewardship.
  • Contribute to a positive and professional work environment, facilitating positive and effective teamwork throughout all divisions of Zoot Enterprises.
  • Prepare and communicate periodic account reviews with the client.
  • Compliance with and knowledge of Zoot’s Policies and Procedures, Code of Business Conduct, and Employee Agreement.
  • Achieve a service-focused culture with emphasis on delivering on-time, high-quality products and services to internal and external customers.
  • Other duties as assigned – it is understood that this list of major duties and responsibilities is not an inclusive list and that other duties and responsibilities, which may include helping others in the same or different departments, may be assigned by supervision.
Education, Training, and Experience Requirements
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business, Information Technology, or related field required
  • 5+ years of previous account management and revenue generation experience required.                                                                         
  • Previous experience in software solution sales and consulting preferred.     
  • Previous experience in banking and finance industry preferred.      
Competencies Critical For This Role
  • Analytical Skills - Uses a logical reasoning process to break down and work through situations or problems; able to identify and define problems, collect and analyze information, problem solve, and make decisions; extract key information from data and develop workable solutions for the problems identified.
  • Business Acumen - Understands how Zoot generates revenue and what drives expenses; knowledgeable in current policies, practices, trends, technology, and other information that affects Zoot as a business; understands or anticipates how changes could impact the business; ability to understand and cope with different business situations (e.g. financial, marketing, sales, operations, personnel).
  • Creativity and Innovation - Able to come up with unusual or clever ideas to solve a given problem or situation; develops creative ways to solve a problem and implements unusual and unprecedented solutions, processes, methods, systems, products, or services.
  • Decision Making - Makes decisions in a timely manner, sometimes with incomplete information and under tight deadlines and pressure; able to make a quick decision; also able to make good decisions using a mixture of analysis, experience, and judgment; decisions generally turn out to be correct/accurate when evaluated over time; is someone others can rely on for quality decisions.
  • Detail Oriented - Able to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task, while showing concern for all areas involved; follows policies and procedures to accomplish the task.
  • Influencing Others – Communicates with others for the purpose of trying to influence their choice; able to effectively and diplomatically move others to change attitudes, behaviors, or opinions through use of data, persuasion, listening, and negotiation.
  • Negotiation - Able to bring together varying goals, needs, and viewpoints; seeks to discover a common goal and reconcile differences to settle a matter of mutual concern or resolve a conflict with minimal noise; able to reach consensus without damaging relationships; can be both direct and forceful as well as diplomatic.
  • Perseverance - Pursues everything with energy, drive, and a desire to finish; rarely gives up before a task or project is complete, especially when encountering obstacles.
Competencies Critical For All Roles At Zoot
  • Accountability - Takes responsibility for tasks and projects as assigned; holds self and others accountable for high quality, timely, and cost-effective results; accepts responsibility for mistakes.
  • Action Oriented, Initiative – Works hard every day, self-motivated; energized by both tasks expected of the role and new or challenging projects; willing to act even with minimal planning, however, doesn't act carelessly and takes responsibility for actions, whether end result is positive or negative; moves on to the next task or project without being asked or seeks out additional ways to help.
  • Communication (General) – Effective with the form(s) of communication that are applicable to a given role (oral, presentation, written); able to be detailed enough to show that the right work was done, yet succinct enough to effectively communicate data, opinions, or findings.
  • Critical Thinking - Uses logical, strategic, analytical, reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a given situation and possible solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems; able to think outside the box to generate possible solutions.
  • Customer Focused, Service Oriented - Actively works to meet the expectations, requirements, or needs of internal and external customers; understands who their customer is; acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
  • Development Focused - Knows or is able to recognize personal strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and limits; learns from mistakes; receptive to sharing one's own shortcomings with others; is comfortable with balanced performance reviews (both positives and areas to improve) and honest professional development and career discussions.
  • Driving for Results, Solutions Focused - Motivated by success and passionate about working and achieving results that align with the plan; finds ways to complete tasks or projects, even in the face of adversity, and remains optimistic and driven to the end; looks for ways to improve performance all the time.
  • Integrity and Trust – Widely trusted across the organization; seen as a direct, truthful individual; maintains confidentiality as required; admits mistakes; doesn't misrepresent themselves or the facts for personal gain.
  • Listening - Practices attentive and active listening; has the patience and ability to hear people out; able to accurately restate the opinions of others to validate understanding, even if there is disagreement.
  • Mentoring - Able to effectively share knowledge and insight with others so that they can accomplish tasks, achieve goals, and enhance skills.
  • Organization and Time Management - Able to manage multiple projects or tasks and adapt to changing priorities; effective and efficient with own time; able to bring resources (e.g. people, materials, processes, budget) together to get things done and uses them effectively; shows up on time and respects the time of others.
  • Problem Solving – Willing to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; examines all angles and sources before developing a solution; looks beyond easy solutions and doesn't stop at the first answer; able to uncover or anticipate hidden problems; provides honest analysis, even if the answer isn't what people want to hear.
  • Professionalism - Easy to approach and talk to; able to put others at ease, either naturally or due to self-awareness to adjust; warm, pleasant, and gracious; sensitive to and patient with the personalities of others; builds rapport by making people feel comfortable; works well with others; is seen as a team player and is cooperative; easily gains trust and support of peers; encourages collaboration; able to be candid with peers; solves problems in a way that minimizes negative impacts to others.
  • Technical Aptitude - Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to perform a job's duties at a high level of accomplishment.
  • Working with Existing Tools - Able to leverage current tools, services, process, and procedures to accomplish tasks; seeks additional understanding of existing processes and procedures; finds ways to improve upon existing options before proposing or exploring new options.
Physical Requirements
  • All positions at Zoot require the ability to move about inside an office environment which includes the operation of computers and other office productivity machinery and frequently communicates with other employees, clients, vendors, and visitors.
  • This position specifically requires long periods of sitting at a computer workstation.
Working Conditions
  • This position will take place primarily in an office setting.
  • This position will require travel 10% of the time.
  • The Strategic Account Manager, Solutions Consultant role is fast paced and ever changing, requiring flexibility, self-initiative, and regular management of changing priorities.