Operations Manager - Forsyth

$76,988 - $115,498 yearly
  • Range
  • Forsyth, MT, USA
  • Sep 14, 2023
Full time Operations Tech

Job Description


Under the oversight of the Chief Technology Officer, the Operations Manager directs the Network and Plant Operations divisions, which includes oversight of installations, testing, and maintenance work either directly or through subordinate supervisors. Ensures personnel understand industry standards, safety procedures, and preventive maintenance operations of communications and data equipment installations. Develops and maintains records to allow reference, analysis, and monitoring of all telecommunications and data components and equipment. Recommends major improvements to operations, information systems and associated equipment. Serves on various planning teams and assists with the design of Range’s Network and Data Centers as requested. Assists with warehouse activities for operations and Information Technology (IT) inventory, supplies and materials. Initiates or recommends purchases of equipment, tools, vehicles, software programs and supplies. Is responsible for the management of the divisions fleet. Establishes effective liaison relationship with federal and state regulatory agencies and industry organizations on reporting requirements and standards. Oversees and guides all building additions, maintenance, and repairs. Generates operations budget. Work-related travel is expected in this position as necessary.



Personnel Staffing and Supervision:

Manage and schedule staff projects and assignments, monitor workload and department coverage.

Supervises work of others, including planning, assigning, scheduling, and reviewing work, ensuring quality standards.

Is responsible for hiring, terminating, training, and developing, reviewing performance and administering corrective action for staff.

Plans organizational structure and job content.

Coordinate and / or deliver job training on industry related functions and use of materials/equipment. Maintain training record of dates, participants, and schedule training updates to maintain knowledge/skills and any related license or certifications.

Observe, inspect, and discuss employee performance.

Provide praise and recognition when appropriate.

Redirect and coach as needed for improved performance and task execution.

Document accordingly. Draft and finalize performance reviews as scheduled for each individual employee. Present performance review information, discuss, gather employee input and team on planning next steps for improvement and/or continuing work performance levels.

Facilitate Team Meeting and Managerial Support Functions:

Plan, schedule, and attend team meetings.

Participate in Corporate team meetings.

Gather information and reports on proposed and in-progress projects to best determine project assignments and workload availability across the team.

Participate in federal, state, and local government reporting requirements.

Review/Approve Capital and Operational expenditures related to division’s activities.

Work on action items from the Team meeting to accomplish designated projects.

Assists the team(s) with warehouse activities for operations and IT inventory, supplies and materials.

Department Budget Planning:

Prepare and plan the local budget.

Determine priorities and costs associated with projects, equipment, and materials/resources for successful project completion.

Maintain and track inventory for resources applied/scheduled for department projects.

Initiate or recommend purchases of equipment, tools, vehicles, software programs and supplies.

Building and Vehicle Maintenance:

Is responsible for the management and oversight of the division’s fleet and heavy equipment.

Is responsible for overseeing, coordinating contractors and general building and facilities maintenance.

General Operations:

Prepare and issue invoices and purchase orders for review.

Develop and maintain records to allow reference, analysis, and monitoring of all telecommunications and data components and equipment.

Recommend major improvements to operations, information systems and associated equipment.

Serve on multiple planning teams and assist with the design and development of Range’s Network and Data Centers.

Provide oversight and direction of the network’s:

Management of special circuits.

Alarm monitoring.

Equipment logs.

Respond to outage related tasks.

Meeting and maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal regulations across all areas of this role’s functions are an expectation and key objective.

Uphold and demonstrate your commitment to Range’s values in everything you do. Be Innovative-Create the environment where we continually improve and adapt, Be Kind—Our actions make a difference, Be Trustworthy—Do the right thing, take responsibility for our actions, and honor our commitments, and Be United—People are our purpose; unified teams build the strongest networks.

Performs various other Operations related functions and duties as assigned.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION): (A combination of demonstrable years’ experience and applicable alternative training(s) may be considered in lieu of the following qualifications).

Successful completion of a bachelor’s degree (in telecommunications, information technology, or electronics related field) or any other industry related training program considered as an equivalent. (Or 10 years of successful industry related experience in a similar role).

A minimum of 5 years of work experience performing broadband and/or other telecommunications related functions.

A valid, state issued, and insurable driver’s license.



Information Technology Related Knowledge: Comprehensive knowledge of theories, concepts and practices and ability to use in complex, difficult and/or unprecedented situations.

Analytical Skills: An advanced capability and skill with observing and assessing a situation and determining how to respond in a prompt and professional manner. Applies highly proficient and specialized skills that allow employees to function in situations that are varied, complex, and/or non-routine. Must be able to see patterns and trends and draw conclusions from observations across various situations.

Project Management Skills: At an advanced level, be proficient with organizing the planning process. Develop and direct detailed project schedules including tasks, accountabilities, and deadlines. Anticipate problems that may impede work. Communicates changes and progress.

Computer / Technical Skills: At an intermediate level, be proficient with PC based systems, word processing and data entry tools efficiently. Create moderate documents, perform intermediate spreadsheet analyses. Conduct an intermediate level of systems analyses and troubleshoot issues.

Administrative / General Office Equipment Operation: Efficiently use common office equipment (computer, digital camera, scanner, fax machine, copier, phone). Identify operational problems with common equipment and determine resolution. Operate, repair and upgrade office, industry, and technically related equipment.

Oral Comprehension and Expression: The ability to listen / understand information / ideas presented through spoken words and sentences, paired with the ability to communicate information / ideas in speaking so others will understand.

Written Comprehension and Expression: The ability to read / understand information / ideas presented through written / typed words / sentences, paired with the ability to communicate information / ideas in writing so others will understand.

Time Management: Requires the ability to use one's work time effectively and productively,

Customer and Personal Service: Working knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Decision Making: Decisions have significant, broad implications for the management and operations of a division. Job contributes to decisions on the overall strategy and direction of the entire organization.

Problem Solving: Problems are highly varied, complex, and often non-recurring; require novel and creative approaches to resolution. New concepts and approaches may have to be developed.

Attention to Detail: Successful performance requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.

Teamwork and Cooperation: Successful performance in this role requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude. Develop and maintain relationships to enhance workflow and work quality. Persuade, gain cooperation and acceptance of ideas or collaborate on significant projects. Handle sensitive issues and facilitate collaboration at the highest level.

Integrity: Successful performance in this role requires being honest and ethical.

Independence of Action: Results are defined, and existing practices are used as guidelines to determine specific work methods and carry out work activities independently; supervisor/manager is available to resolve problems.

English Language: This role requires proficient working knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.



This role performs assigned work duties within a general office environment. Employees are protected from weather conditions or contaminants, but not necessarily occasional temperature changes. Other functions and demands, include the following:

This role will perform work functions in an outdoor environment and may not be protected from weather conditions during performance of those functions.

This role will perform work in field settings, which require continuous standing and walking for extended periods.

The employee will be exposed to moderately high noise levels: There are sufficient noise levels that require shouting in order to be heard above the noise level.

At times this role will sit / stand at an office desk for multiple hours depending on the demands of the job.

Exposure to Hazards: This role can be exposed to a variety of physical conditions, such as proximity to moving mechanical parts, moving vehicles, electrical current(s), performing work on scaffolding and in elevated places, or exposure to chemicals in the workplace. Exposure to dust, dirt, contaminants, fumes, and wetness may occur during normal working conditions.

Employees are frequently required to work in crawl spaces, shafts, trenches, manholes, and other areas that could cause claustrophobia.

Frequent use of technology, computers, devices, keyboards, etc. (Repetitive hand motion and typing like functions).

Hearing, listening, talking, standing, walking, bending, stooping, reaching, kneeling, squatting, balancing, pushing/pulling, crouching, and climbing stairs are all expectations of this role, although some of these functions may be more seldom performed than others.

Must follow all safety policies / procedures, and always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Must be able to lift 75 pounds at times.

Must be able to access and navigate each department at the organization’s facilities.