Engineer - Sheridan

$27.82 - $40.92 hourly
  • Range
  • Sheridan, WY, USA
  • May 13, 2024
Full time Engineering Telecommunications

Job Description


Under the supervision of the Reginal Engineering Manager, the Engineer plans and prepares drawings for new construction, including the arrangement or removal of existing aerial or underground broadband lines, cables, and conduit.  Inspect all broadband construction of outside plant. Utilize staking sheets, cost estimates, and drop ticket creation in project design. Will have some design and project oversight. Assist Facility Records Administrator with structure updates, drafting and any complications that arise. Obtain construction and environmental permits from Local, State, and Federal agencies as well as private landowners. Provide an accurate estimate for customers to receive a service at a desired location. Update mapping programs accurately by posting completed jobs by construction crew or third-party contractors. Supply Customer Relation Representative’s (CRR’s) and Technicians with location and plant information as needed. Coordinate with a variety of clients (public, landowners, business owners, and departments) on engineering estimates, and network expansion.


  • Project design:
    • Prepare and design drawings and construction sheets for installation of broadband lines, cables, conduits, electronic equipment, customer premise equipment, and WAN elements.
    • Utilize Auto Cad, GIS and M4 to draft copper/fiber schematics for splicing and connection to new facilities.
    • Provide technicians and contractors with specifications on installation of network equipment.
  • Project Coordination and Analyses:
    • Coordinate with construction crew and contractors regarding construction scheduling and timelines.
    • Coordinate with Network Engineers for the procurement and installation of electronics equipment.
    • Identify, design, and coordinate the installation of access equipment, wireless, and other transmission systems.
    • Prepare cost analysis on broadband projects, to include calculation of costs for aid-to-construction.
    • Create legal documents and exhibit drawings.
    • Close work orders and audit inventory construction materials.
    • Work closely with accounting to review invoices and verify units placed against proposed work order.
    • Work closely with other Engineers, Customer Relation Representatives, Facility Records, and Technicians to ensure accurate recording of addressing, land ownership, available facilities, and service capabilities on projects.
    • Work with Purchasing and Warehouse Technicians to track material usage on projects, maintain material inventories, equipment ordering, and availability. Maintain minimum requirements of materials for routine projects.
  • Permitting:
    • Research County, State, and Federal records for new and existing easements and right of way.
    • Contact private landowners to discuss new and existing easements or rights of way.
    • Drafts descriptive drawings for easement and renewal “Exhibits”.
    • Procurement of permitting required for County, State, and Federal lands.
    • Maintain contact with zoning, planning, and permitting agencies to stay abreast of revisions required for plant additions or rearrangements.
  • Mapping:
    • Maintain records of customer information and plant facilities using software.
    • Add structures to map when new projects and addresses are assigned.
    • Map all new and verified cable routes, and above ground facilities (peds) when constructed.
    • Update database records for all mapped structures and facilities.
    • Verify all cable counts for mapped cables and splice in mapping program.
  • Records Management:
    • Work closely with Plant, Construction, and Facilities Records Coordinators to ensure accuracy of record keeping.
    • Assign cable counts to assist with preparing cut sheets for cutovers of outside plant facilities.
    • Post as-built construction projects when completed.
    • Retire old facilities with Accounting Department.
    • Aid in inventory management with Operations and Accounting Departments.
    • As time permits, continue map cleanup of incorrect or incomplete information.
    • Participate in corporate and departmental meetings to develop procedures and standards related to engineering, mapping, recording, and reporting of plant-related facilities.
    • Coordinate and review facility-based reports for State and Federal reporting agencies.
  • Complete monthly safety and security requirements assigned by corporate departments.
  • Attend all other required training and program change updates that affect the Engineering Department.
  • Uphold and demonstrate your commitment to Range’s values in everything you do.  Be Innovative-Create the environment where we continually improve and adapt, Be Kind—Our actions make a difference, Be Trustworthy—Do the right thing, take responsibility for our actions, and honor our commitments, and Be United—People are our purpose; unified teams build the strongest networks.
  • Perform various administrative and engineering related duties as assigned.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION): (A combination of demonstrable years’ experience and applicable alternative training(s) may be considered in lieu of the following qualifications.)

  1. Successful completion of a High-School diploma program or GED curriculum / exam (12th grade equivalent) or any other state recognized secondary education program.
  2. 5 years’ industry experience with computer aided drafting and mapping experience, outside plant and construction experience in broadband deployment projects
  3. 3-5 years of engineering experience
  4. A valid, State issued, and insurable drivers’ license

Preferred qualifications included:

Bachelor’s degree in civil or electrical Engineering or related field. 


  • Analytical: Analyzing specific jobs and forming a plan of action. Identifying obstacles and special needs from a design perspective to implement corporate and RUS industry standards. Addresses unique obstacles that may cause changes in design and construction practices. Plan for growth and expansion in project design.
  • Project/Process Management: Ensures that construction practices meet the specifics of corporate standards. Scheduling contractors, cutovers, and field inspections. Meets with management to update project progress and issues when required.  Meets with Local authorities to discuss completion and clean up requirements. Time management and completion deadlines.
  • Attention to Detail: Successful performance requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.
  • General Office/ Equipment Operation: Advanced Excel spreadsheet development. Proficient with drafting software programs, mapping programs and database records systems. Experienced with plotters, GPS, printers, scanners, copiers, and phone systems.
  • Written and Oral Communications: Communicating with contractors, construction leads and subscribers. Communicating well between varying departments within the corporation and with co-workers. Notifies management of any updates and/or issues that may arise. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Computer/Technical: Advanced skill in drafting software and Microsoft Suite. Minor IT and operational skills are a plus. Familiarity with plotters, printers and GPS equipment.
  • Office/Administrative Support: Submitting information regarding projects that will be completed as well as for support information. Coordinating with office personnel on location of project and timelines of completion. Support documentation of projects cost, completion, and records of the same. Write cover letters, service agreements, easement documents and permitting documents. Read and understand contract agreements, work order filings and communicate and schedule with corporate calendars.
  • Decision Making: Decisions have major implications on the management and operations of an area within a department. Position may contribute to important strategy, operational and business decisions that affect the department.
  • Problem Solving: Problems are varied, requiring analysis or interpretation of the situation. Problems are solved using knowledge and skills, and general standards and past practices.
  • Teamwork and Cooperation: Successful performance in this role requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude.
  • Integrity: Providing accountability and honesty when working alone or in an isolated position. Successful performance in this role requires being honest and ethical.
  • Independence of Action: Working without supervision and staying on task. Prioritize work and meet deadlines set by management. Results are defined and existing practices are used as guidelines to determine specific work methods and conduct work activities independently; supervisor/manager is available to resolve problems.
  • Oral Comprehension and Expression: The ability to listen / understand information / ideas presented through spoken words / sentences, paired with the ability to communicate information / ideas in speaking so others will understand.


This role performs assigned work duties within a general office environment. Employees may be occasionally exposed to changing weather conditions or contaminants. Other functions and demands, include the following:

  1. Sitting / standing at an office desk for up to 8 hours / day, or longer depending on the demands of the job
  2. Must be able to work indoors and outdoors for extended periods of time and in all types of weather conditions
  3. Frequent use of technology, computers, devices, keyboards, etc. (Repetitive hand motion and typing like functions)
  4. Hearing, listening, talking, standing, walking, bending, stooping, reaching, kneeling, squatting, balancing, pushing/pulling, and climbing stairs are all expectations of this role, although some of these functions may be more seldom performed than others
  5. Must follow all company safety policies / procedures, and always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  6. Must be able to lift 50 pounds at times.
  7. Must be able to access and navigate each department at the organization’s facilities